Four years ago, we launched Letters to help Publications connect with their audience directly in their readers’ inboxes. Since then, we’ve seen the efficacy of this tool for publishers. We’ve also seen opportunities to improve it to help creators better reach and grow their audience.

Today, we’re launching Newsletters: a new way to build relationships and share stories with your Medium audience.

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We made Newsletters easy to create and powerful to use. Any Publication on Medium can start a newsletter and correspond with their subscribers directly in their inbox. Publications can now give their Newsletter a name and description, so Publications can let readers know what to expect. For existing Publications, the email audience you’ve already built with Letters will continue on with you when you start your Newsletter. Publications can now share a link to the Newsletter sign-up page anywhere to promote and grow new subscribers more easily. …

i’ve always wanted to be a pool boy


and one day

i went to a pool supply store

to buy pool chemicals for my lab in grad school

and i saw this poster

and took a photo

and i still feel this way

i keep trying to find the poster

to buy and frame for myself

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that is my dream

My great grandparents immigrated to the US from Spain. They came from a town called Artziniega in the Basque territory of Spain and moved to Texas where my great grandfather worked as a railroad engineer and my grandfather as a geologist. When my great grandparents lived in Spain, their last name was Artziniega and when they moved to the US they went by Simpson, ostensibly to get jobs and to make a new life in a new country.

I know surprisingly little about our family history other than that. …

Strong computer and Microsoft Office skills.

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